How we are funded

IDAY is currently funded for 30% from public sources - mainly the Belgian federal and French regional governements -, 60% from private donations and 5 % from own resources (income from concerts or sales of stamps with the IDAY logo).

IDAY is seeking to increase the share of public support from the Government of Wallonia, from the Belgian Federal Government - through a procedure by which IDAY would be recognised as a full-fledge Non Governmental Organisation - , but also from International organisations (UNESCO, European Union,…) for specific initiatives such as those in favour of youngsters in prison, so-called “child witches”, or child domestic servants.

IDAY also acts as an intermediary to boost the direct financing of initiatives from the African civil society through its Project Bank and by encouraging international and bilateral donors to allocate more funds to programmes elaborated jointly by the African governments and their civil society.

Donations to IDAY above 40 € are tax deductible.

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