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IDAY- Italy

Key contact person
Mrs Laura Molinai

Contact details

(+39) 02 270 00 291
Fax: (+39) 02 255 22 70

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Postal address:
Via E. Breda 54
20126 Milano, Italia

About the coalition

IDAY Italia was introduced in Roma on June 16, 2008, on the occasion of the International Day of the African Child. The coalition comprises Italian NGOs and associations of the African Diaspora in Italia: Acra, Cipsi, Cesvitem, ChiAma l’Africa, Voglio Vivere, Sunugal, Associazione CQB, Nidoe, Sunu, Celim et Soleterre.

Like the other members of the international network, IDAY-Italia aims at promoting the right of all African children and youngsters to receive a complete and quality basic education.

This initiative was mentioned in the message of Giorgio Napolitano, President of the Italian Republic.

Strategic goals

Strengthen IDAY-International network and consolidate its role in:
-          promoting interactions between NGOs and CBOs involved in improving education in Africa
-          raising awareness on education-related issues
-          mobilising the civil society, local authorities and the EU institutions.

Major achievements so far

1. IDAY network is strengthened and recognised as a key actor by civil societies and African and European institutions. 

2. The national coalitions are strengthened and involve a larger number of actors from various sectors; more NGOs, civil society actors and institutions join the network.

3. The African IDAY network and its national coalitions are strengthened and able to represent organisations from all relevant sectors in national and international contexts.

4. Educational best practices are shared and capitalised in African and European countries, and they are made available to more key stakeholders on both continents.

5. African and European public opinion is more aware of the issues at stake

Key annual activities

Roma – Official IDAY conference, promotion towards the institutions

Genes – With Alliance Française “Genova Ouidah A/R 2010”: meeting-exhibition, movie

Milano - Solidarity day and mobilisation of civil society for advocacy activities towards the authorities

Milano - Concert «Choir for Africa"

Media, Internet – Promotion and awareness campaign


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