The International Day of the African Child– June 16

Celebration of the International Day of the African Child on June 16 is at the origin of IDAY and represents the network’s major event. This date was chosen as an appropriate opportunity to foster dialogue between the CSOs and their governments on basic education.

It was chosen in 1991 by the African Union to commemorate the massacre of young South African who were massacred on June 16, 1976 by the Apartheid army as they were manifesting for a better education in the Soweto slum.

Around that date, each IDAY national coalition organises celebrations with various activities focused on the theme of education for all in Africa. The objective is to raise awareness among the public and authorities, and to convey the demands and recommendations of CSOs on basic education, and create dialogue opportunities with governmental stakeholders. To this end, the events also include the official handing over to the authorities of recommendations that are later compiled in the IDAY Annual Report.

Ask IDAY-International and the national coalitions for feedback on their June 16, 2013 activities!


Report of the Conference Overcoming the main obstacles to quality basic education for all in Africa (Brussels, 20th of June 2013)

Report on the conference "Health and Education in Africa" (16th of June 2011)

Report on the Parliament
Conference (24th of June 2010

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