You are interested in IDAY’s action? We are interested in having you on board!

How you can contribute :

- Help organise the IDAY celebration in your country.

- Help the IDAY International team with translations, design, information technology, organisation of the June 16 events, etc.

- Help us getting better known and get in contact with other organisations in Europe or in Africa that operate in the field of education in Africa and might be interested in joining IDAY.

How to join?

IDAY is open to organisations and individuals sharing its vision and principles, as they are stated in the Charter. We consider that diversity makes strength, and members with various expertises are always welcome.
Joining IDAY implies a commitment to contribute one way or another to the activities carried out by the members… in other words, participate in giving life and visibility to the network!

Do not hesitate to contact directly the IDAY coalition in your country or IDAY-International.




Membership Procedure

Outline Programme of Action 16 June

Outline of Evaluation report






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